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Leiria advocacia has its roots in Antônio José Fabrício Leiria. Graduated from the Law School of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in 1954, he began his career in the year of his graduation, returning to the same college in 1966 as a lecturer by initiative of his mentor José Salgado Martins. 

During his academic and professional life he also maintained permanent contact with Armando Camara, Professor of Philosophy of Law. He applied for Associate Professorship in 1973 with the thesis Autoria e Participação Criminal, a book reissued in 2010 – nearly forty years after the first edition – on grounds of crimes involving computers. 
The theme, participation of different actors in the crime, lies precisely in today's technology. Despite the development of information and the sophisticated control and security mechanisms, surprising borders for this crime were opened in this environment in which the adjustment of wills is an unwavering condition for the performance of Internet, fiscal, political and other crimes. Leiria alsopublishedTeoria e Aplicação da Lei Penal (1981), Fundamentos da Responsabilidade Pena l(1980), Delitos de Trânsito (1976), Crimes Contra a Previdência (1974) among other works. 
Antônio José FabrícioLeiria died at age 54, on January 20, 1982. Graduated in the same year, his son, Antônio Celso Nogueira Leiria, continued his activities, maintaining the office and becoming, in 1994, professor in the same college where his father had taught. 
In 2001 Antônio Celso Nogueira Leiria was the first author in the State of Rio Grande do Sul to publish work on the Fiscal Responsibility Law –Complementary Law No. 101/2000 and Law No. 10028/2000. The book has been adopted across the country as one of doctrinal references on the rules imposed by the law.
With more than 500 m², working with multidisciplinary teams in various areas of law and maintaining partnership with national and international offices, the firm is headquartered in Porto Alegre (RS / Brazil) at No.5, Tiradentes street


Armando Pereira Câmara
Armando Pereira Câmara
Antônio José Fabricio Leiria
Antônio José Fabricio Leiria
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José Salgado Martins

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